Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name ZQuake - Quake 1 for Zodiac

Description ZQuake is a port of Quake to Palm OS.

Author/Homepage YoyoFR


Download Here



Version 1.2

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A Quake port for PalmOS. Based on pocketpc & gp32 version.
Has some zodiac specific stuff (fullscreen zoom with smoothing)
Requirement : hires or hires+ device, 8MB of dynamic heap (UDMH can help,


Original game by ID Software
Initial zodiac ports by Skeezix & Squidge.
Palmos port by Yoyofr.

1/ install zquake.prc to your device
2/ at first launch, it will create the needed directory (/PALM/Programs/ZQuake) & register
the .zdk extension for itself.

The link between .zdk files & /PALM/Programs/ZQuake is LOST after each reset & if another
software register it -zhexen, zdoomz, ...-
Run the launcher each time before a hotsync of a zdk file to be sure it goes in the right folder

3/ copy "zquake.zdk" in the previous folder /PALM/Programs/ZHexen, or hotsync it.
4/ copy your ORIGINAL PAK files in the /PALM/Programs/ZQuake/ID1,
copy your MODIFIED PAK files in the /PALM/Programs/ZQuake/XXXX where XXXX is the name of the
modified game (for ex. : Quake Rally go in ZQuake/RALLY)
using either a smart card reader or the "mp3" trick => check
forum for more details.
5/ if you want sound, install the gus patches in /PALM/Programs/Timidity
Check the website for detailed instructions.


- Original Quake data : "/PALM/Programs/ZQuake/ID1"
- MODS : "/PALM/Programs/ZQuake/XXX" (XXX is the mod name)

2005-03-06 22:43


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