Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name ZHexen

Description ZHexen is a port of Hexen to Palm OS/Tapwave Zodiac.

Author/Homepage YoyoFR



Download Here


Version 1.1 available

requirements : PalmOS 5, hires or hores+, 8MB of dynamic ram (use UDMH is you are running short of it).
based on u-hexen (SDL port of Hexen).
tested on the shareware and the commercial version.
pwad are supported but not tested.
configurable input.
save/load games.

put your WAD files in the /PALM/Programs/ZHexen/ folder
To hear music, you'll need a set of GUS patches (Timidity midi to wave library).
My modified version of the best set (from Eric Welsh) :
Or download a set here : Timidity GUS Patches
Put the uncompressed archive in the /PALM/Programs/Timidity/ directory
=> Timidity/timidity.cfg timidity config file
=> Timidity/patches/ or Timidity/eawpats/ folder with patches.


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