Console Tapwave Zodiac


Description American Football Game

Author/Homepage Les Bird


Download Here


Similar to the classic Atari Football arcade game, X and O Football is a very simplified version of football where the players are X's or O's.

In X AND O you play either as the offense or on the Windows platform the defense (in a 2 controller game) and choose 1 of 5 plays to try to score touchdowns and field goals or make 1st downs. Plays to choose from are (1) slant-out, (2) slant-in, (3) bomb, (4) down and out or (5) kick/run/blitz. A 20 second play clock keeps the game pace moving and each game has a 15 minute time limit. Offensive scores can range from 3 points for a field goal, 6 points for a passing touchdown or 7 points for a rushing touchdown. The defense can score on a 2 point safety if the quarterback is sacked in the end-zone and can also intercept passes.

Zodiac version is slightly different


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