Console UIQ Phones


Wolfenstein for UIQ phones




Port of the classic FPS game Wolfenstein to the UIQ range of phones.




Wolf 3d Shareware Files Here

Spear of Destiny Shareware Files Here

Wolfenstein 3D Here v1.01


1. First you will get a quest about using the pen for navigation. This is a must for Pxxx owners as there is no other way to navigate around. If you select this, mouse control in the game is enabled by default. If you don't (you lucky Moto owners) you can still enable mousecontrol in the settings
2. Choose where your datafiles has been installed. If you installed the SIS file here it will be under !:\Wolf3dShare on the selected install drive. (This is saved for the next time you start the game).
3. All options should work (Controls,Sound, ScreenSave, Save,Load etc).

For pen navigation in menus.. press down.. and move the pen up, left, down, or right.. and release. The cursor.. or similar should move. It works much better in game.

And .. well just enjoy. I like it very much. If you want a little speed boost, just disable the music (still very playable with music on though).

And .. well. I know. I have to rotate the controls for the landscape mode.. Will do that in the next release.

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