Console Nokia N-Gage & Symbian 60 Phones



Author Vampent


VSun is a Snes Emulator for the Nokia Ngage and many other Mobile Phones



If your mobile is among Nokia 3650, 3660, 7650, NGage, NGage QD, you should download vSun Symbian 1.0 for 4096 colors; If your mobile is among Nokia 6600, 7610, 6630, 6670, you should download vSun Symbian 1.0 for 65536 colors. Make sure your ROM file ends with ".smc" or zipped, and send them to mobiles via bluetooth or infrared. vSun will install them automatically.

DOWNLOAD vSun 1.1 4096 Colors
DOWNLOAD vSun 1.1 65536 Colors
DOWNLOAD vSun 1.1 Alternate Version

We are proud to announce vSun, the SNES emulator for mobiles.
Symbian Version (Nokia Series 60) 1.1 is released and free for download now.
- Amazing sound effects!
- Different emulating mode
- Save/load with 5 slots each game
- SRam Save/load
- Zip format support
- Thread priority option
- Volume and soft volume switch
- Key maps for scrolling screen,Up+Left,Up+Right,Down+Left,Down+Right

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