Console Nokia N-Gage & Symbian 60 Phones



Author Vampent


VBoy is a Gameboy Emulator for the Nokia Ngage and many other Mobile Phones


Download Here v1.21

- Greater roms compatibility
After testing hundreds of roms, vboy 1.2 has much greater roms compatibility than previous.
- Big rom zip support
Zip file don't have bugs now. However it is a little slow.
- Siemens SX1 and SendoX support
- Speed control
However it cannot make speed up a lot.
- Full screen option
- Save picture as BMP
- Record sound as WAV

What is vBoy?

vBoy is a GB/GBC/SGB/SGB2 emulator for mobiles. It lets you play Nintendo GameBoyColor games on your mobile. You can put games from thousands of roms in your pocket, play them anytime and anywhere, with the memories and joys of old time.

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