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The Journey




The world's first mobile, location-based adventure.





The Journey
In the role of a detective, you have to solve an intriguing case posed by a sinister stranger. In the course of the investigation, people in different places will need to be questioned. However, it's no longer enough to just click somewhere in the game to get from here to there - now *you* have to move to progress the story.

You start the game in your detective bureau. Some hundred meters away you will find the virtual bar, where you are supposed to meet your informant. To unravel the web of intrigue, you'll need to take a walk yourself. Not to give too much away, but for the grand showdown you will have to return to the place where you started playing the game.

Through the combination of a game and location detection, a whole new dimension of gameplay is possible. You yourself are involved in the events; the virtual world is meshed with the real world and your own surroundings.

Main Features:

Location based: The Journey is the world's first location based adventure game. You are in control of where to go next

Good for your health: you will have to walk yourself to play make it through the game, no more sitting around

Mysterious detective story: read about the dangerous case that has to be solved.

Gloomy style: hand-drawn graphics and the dark setting will captivate you.

It's free! The game is freeware, you don't have to pay anything to play it. And even better - it's open source.

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