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QuodRings is a practical music player application for your smart phone, you can use it to conveniently carry and listen to your music files everywhere you go. But QuodRings is more than a common music player as it allows you to use your music files as ring tones.






Main features :

Currently QuodRings supports the Ogg Vorbis format for the music files

Default music can be defined to play when someone calls.

Allows the definition of different music's to act as ring tones for different people in your phone list.

User-friendly interface similar to common series 60 applications, you won't have to learn a new interface to use it.

Music files can be stored anywhere in your phone default memory or extended memory card.

Highly optimized search algorithm allows easy localization of music files in your mailbox or anywhere else on the phone memory.

Can easily share music files with other applications as it doesn’t require them to be on a specific location.

Extended utilities like available memory information or file details & delete capabilities.

Native C++ Symbian OS application - 80 kB.

Advanced plug-in architecture will allow more formats to be added in the future.

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