Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name MyUAE formerly Palm UAE

Description Amiga Emu for Zodiac

Author/Homepage Metaview



Download Here v0.9


MyUAE is a port of E-UAE 0.8.27 for Palm OS 5.x
This port was done using the great ZDoomZ enviroment from yoyofr.
This port doesn't support sound, AGA and higher processors than 68000 at the moment.

Please report bugs to


Create a directory on your expansion card: /PALM/Programs/MyUAE
There you place your .rom files, your .adf files and the MyUAE.zdk.
When you start MyUAE, it registers .rom, .adf and .zdk for Hotsync.
Therefore you could hotsync the files from the desktop. But I would
rather recommend a card reader.

Install MyUAE.prc either on the main memory of your PDA or in /PALM/Launcher on your expansion card.


0.1 initial release as PalmUAE
* only runs on Zodiac
* shows kickstart screen

0.2 2nd release as PalmUAE
* rom file and 4 adf files are selectable
* mouse support working
* "Lemmings" works

0.3 (4. April 2005)
* adf file selection fixed
* input configurable
* support for more Palm OS 5.x devices
* works on different resolution, no screen rotation yet
* renamed from PalmUAE to MyUAE, because there is already another PalmUAE (but MyUAE is better)
* "North vs. South" and "Lotus" runs

0.4 (6. April 2005)
* mouse support enhanced
* much more robust (fixed a bug regarding non-32-bit aware Amiga apps, includes WB 1.3)
* screens with 320 pixel width are centered
* memory and speed (frameskip) configurable
* "Wings" runs
* fixed joystick handling
* keyboard enhanced
* less busy waiting, should save your batterie...


* Sound support
* Hardfile support

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