Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name Nesem

Description Nes Emu for Zodiac

Author/Homepage Kalemsoft



Download Here


NesEm - Nintendo NES Emulator for PALM

Copyright 2003 KalemSoft

1) Palm OS 5.0 device or later.
2) That you've read the Disclaimer below.

Need help?
Be sure to check the website for additional documentation, the FAQ, and web
forums we support. Feel free to email to ask for help.

There are four .prc files included in this package:

NesEmDemo-palm.prc is for Palm devices as well as Sony UX series and newer Sony devices
NesEmDemo-sony.prc is for older Sony devices that does not use standard Palm sound apis (e.g. TG-50)
NesEmDemo-zodiac.prc is for Zodiac
NesEmDemo-treo.prc is for Treo 600

Simply install the correct prc file onto your handheld in the normal fashion; just
double click on it. Otherwise use the Palm Install Tool included with Palm Desktop.

How do I run games with NesEm?
1) Install NesEm onto your handheld
2) Obtain NES game software (ROMs)
3) Use the "RomInstaller" tool to install NES rom files onto your PALM powered device.
RomInstaller can be downloaded at
4) Run NesEm and select the game(s) just uploaded

For more information consult

Limitations of the Preview Edition
NesEm Preview Edition contains the following limitations compared to the full version:
1-) There is a time limit of 5 minutes for continuous game play.
2-) You cannot run roms greater than 40kB in size.


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