Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name Little John Palm T

Description Mega Multi System Emu for Zodiac

Author/Homepage Tinnus


Download v0.9.2T Here


[ALL] Categorizing of roms is now supported

[ALL] Simply create a folder for each category inside the "Roms" folder and the launcher will detect it automatically

[ALL] Select categories using the popup menu below the "help" button (upper-right corner)

[ALL] All modules (NES, SNES, GB, SMS, GG) included in this release, except

[GENESIS] Which for now won't work with categories (I have some troble compiling it)

[SMS/GG] Memory leaks seem to be gone. It's either an UDMH bug or something that happens at random on my T|E.

[SMS/GG] GG 1x rendering corrected


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