Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name FrodoZ - A Commodore 64 emulator for Zodiac!

Description FrodoZ is a port of Frodo originally done by Squidge.

Someone needs to add audio, and some cute menus to make disk loading easier, and add a reset button. None of these tasks are too difficult, but someone needs to do them!

Author/Homepage Squidge


Download Here Beta 2( 2nd march 2005)



Beta 1 -- October 2004

A Commodore 64 emulator for Tapwave Zodiac.
Derived from Frodo open source emulator.
Originally ported by Squid.
Minor modifications by Skeezix.

Brought to you by the word Bagel.

1) Install Frodoz.prc into your handheld; double clicking on it is all
that is usually necessary,
2) Install any disk images you like onto expansion media, into
/PALM/Programs/Frodoz/ROMS (See below!)
3) Thats it!

Internal should work, but I know I (skeezix) didn't test it :) An expansion
media card (SD card) does work.

Installing disk images (ROMS)
o) The fastest way is to use a card writer; if you don't have one, see next
step; if using a card writer, just copy the .d64 disk images into the
right directory.
o) Hotsync; after the first time Frodoz is run, you can just shove .d64 disk
images into Hotsync to send them to your handheld's expansion media

Run Frodoz; your screen will get funky. Wait a moment,and the Commodore 64
classic screen will come up.

Tap in the bottom half of the screen to bring up the virtual keyboard for
typing commands. (Tap in the top half of the screen to dismiss it again, or
tap on the keys to work the keyboard.)

Tap in the top half of the screen to bring up the disk image picker; this only
puts a disk into the floppy drive; you still need to load the disk yourself,
at this point!

The trigger buttons on the right work the firebutton; the analog joystick
works the joystick on the virtual Commodore 64.

Hit Home to exit.

Loading a disk
Some sample commands..

LOAD "$",8

This will load the directory listing.

This will list the program, or directory listing.
LOAD "*",8,1

This will load the first program on the disk. This is usually the command
you need to use.

Runs the loaded program.

Thats it!

Please enjoy!


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