Console UIQ (Devices, etc)

Name E Nes

Description This is a Nes emulator for the UIQ Phones platform

Author/Homepage Steve



V1.10 Here


This is a port of the DarcNES NES emulator to the A92x, A1000, & Pxxx. It incorporates pieces of code from several of Peter van Sebille projects and some of my own work. This port only supports left or right rotation mode and the display is always scaled to fit to the screen. There are on-screen virtual buttons for several NES buttons.

Sound support is released. At this point the sound can be a bit choppy and with some games there is a constant ticking, but ... hey, it's sound. Also, sound does reduce the frame rate of the game video. Fortunately, the auto frame rate control adjusts so in many games the speed is still good, just the video gets a bit more choppy. The sound can be disabled via the option dialog and with it disabled the game play should be similar to the previous release.


Version 0.90, released Mar 4, 2005:

Release with functional sound
The sound control in the option dialog is also functional
Version 0.81, released Feb 20, 2005:

Added configuration control of A92x/A1000 nav select button
Fixed problem with Pxxx button configuration
Attempted added Pxxx jog up/down/left/right/inward button configuration
Version 0.80, released Feb 18, 2005:

Added configuration control of buttons
Version 0.71, released Feb 15, 2005:

Fix for Pxxx game keys
Version 0.70, released Feb 13, 2005:

Added touch screen direction control
Added a hopefully attempt at adding NES buttons A & B for P8xx & P9xx users. The Pxxx Camera & Brower buttons should be NES buttons A & B (maybe ... I hope ...)
Added support for P800's 4K color mode (again maybe ... I hope ...)
Version 0.60, released Feb 13, 2005:

Color palette fix, colors should be proper now
Incorporated fixes from "Someone" (AKA AnotherGuest) to startup on other UIQ platforms
Version 0.50, released Feb 12, 2005:

Based on the DarcNES NES emulator
Left or Right rotation is supported
Sound is not supported ... yet!

The game contains a set of three virtual keys that are on the top edge of the display. Along with this, the direction keys and the two game keys (@ top of unit) are used. For Pxxx, touch screen navigation was added and the camera & browser keys are the NES game keys. The keys mapping is as follows do the following:

NES "Start" key - green virtual key
NES "Select" key - blue virtual key
NES Movement Control - the direction keys or touch screen
NES "A" Key - the game A key (A92x/A1000) or Camera key (Pxxx)
NES "B" Key - the game B key (A92x/A1000) or Browser key (Pxxx)
Exit key - red virtual key
Other Notes:

I do not supply ROM files for this emulator, so please don't ask. Once you have them, place them on your MMC card at "\Media files\document\nesroms", the game will look for them there.


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