Console UIQ (Devices, etc)

Name eMAME

Description EMame for Motorola A920

Author/Homepage Steves Projects


Download Here


This is a port of Mame for the A92x. This port is almost entirely based on the port to the P800/P900 done by Peter van Sebille. The changes to Peter's version 1.2 port are:

An update for a few of the A920 video characteristics

An update of the key mapping for the A920

A major re-write of the audio interface code

A few minor fixes for compiler errors and warnings

Similarily to the P800/P900 port, this port is capable of running many Mame ROMs, has working sound, and can be controlled via the touch screen. The A920 version also allows for control via the direction keys and contains a set of virtual keys which makes it easier to insert coins, start, and exit the games.


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