Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name Dream Engine

Description PC Engine Emu for Zodiac

Author/Homepage Kalemsoft



Download Here


DreamEngine - TurboGrafx-16/PCEngine Emulator for PALM

Copyright 2003 KalemSoft

1) Palm OS 5.0 device or later.
2) That you've read the Disclaimer below.

Need help?
Be sure to check the website for additional documentation, the FAQ, and web
forums we support. Feel free to email to ask for help.

Supported Devices
Palm Tungsten T3
Palm Zire 72
Palm Zire 71 (for games < 256KB in size)
Sony Clie TG50/TH55/TJ37/NX series/NZ series/

Simply install the appropriate prc file onto your handheld in the normal fashion; just
double click on it. Otherwise, use the Palm Install Tool included with Palm Desktop.

How do I run games with DreamEngine?
1) Install DreamEngine onto your handheld
2) Obtain PCEngine/TurboGrafx-16 game software (ROMs)
3) Use the "RomInstaller" tool to install rom files onto your PALM powered device.
RomInstaller can be downloaded from
Alternatively, you may also store your roms directly under /PCE directory on a memory card.
In this way, you do not need to use the rominstaller at all.
4) Run DreamEngine and select the game(s) just uploaded

For more information consult

Limitations of the Demo Version
DreamEngine Demo version contains the following limitations compared to the full version:
1-) There is a time limit of 5 minutes for continuous game play.
2-) You cannot run roms greater than 128kB in size.
3-) There is no state saving in the demo version.

We do not condone nor encourage software piracy. Please register this software.

If you use this software (DreamEngine) with software (such as Hacks, ROMs, etc)
not provided by KalemSoft, those products remain the property of their respective
owners. We do not suggest or imply that we have anything to do with those software
programs, nor do we imply any support for them. We suggest and implore you to obtain
software through legal channels.

KalemSoft will not tell you where to obtain "Game ROMs", which are software
programs built by other companies. We at KalemSoft used Public Domain ROMS to build

Although we try to make the software reasonably bullet proof and test each
release thoroughly with a group of testers across many Palm devices, we do
*not* guarantee it will work as described for any given user on any given
device. This is not a full time pursuit, and rather than charge a lot of
money for support, we offer the software very inexpensively. So, understand
that by downloading or using KalemSoft software, you are at your own risk.

If you lose your files, you are on your own. Use Hotsync to backup your data
regularly. We can't be held responsible for any data or hardware damage, and
you use this software at ENTIRELY YOUR OWN RISK.

NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED OR OFFERED. We reserve the right to change the
disclaimer at will.

TurboGrafx-16 and PCEngine are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation.
PALM and PALMOS are registered trademarks of PALM, Inc.
All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.


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