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Doom for N-Gage


Wildpalm Team


Port of the classic FPS game Doom to the N-Gage.





This port is compatible with the Ngage.

Doom 7650 v1.2 Install Instructions

Doom 7650 is split into several .sis installation files, in order to aid installation.
Doom 7650 does require a large amount of memory for installation, and the installation will not
work correctly if there is less than approximately 2000K of free space on the phone.

The files are as follows - please install in the following order:

doom.sis - Main application
doom-core1.sis - Main data file, part 1
doom-core2.sis - Main data file, part 2
doom-sounds.sis - Sound data (optional - sounds will not play if not installed)
doom-lev1.sis - Levels 1-4 & 9 (optional, if doom-lev2.sis is installed)
doom-lev2.sis - Levels 5-8 (optional, if doom-lev1.sis is installed)

If any component is removed, all of the .sis files will need to be installed again.

The data files have not changed in this version - if upgrading from a previous version, only the doom.sis file needs
to be installed.

Sound can be enabled by installing one of our other games, which come with the required sound driver.

This version does not support Deathmatch play. Deathmatch over Bluetooth will be supported in a future version.

WildPalm Team

Doom is (C) ID Software []

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