Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name CliFrotz

Description Frotz Infocom/Inform interpreter



Download Here


CliFrotz is a Frotz Infocom/Inform interpreter for the PalmOS handheld devices, i.e. Palm/Clie. This program is based on Frotz core v2.43 and supports V6 graphics.

The program will only work on OS4 or later devices, with Hires displays and expansion cards. ZMachine stories (not pdb) should be put in /Frotz/ on the expansion card, Quetzal saves will go into /Frotz/Save/ directory. You can exchange your Quetzal save files between a PC and the Palm!

Features: V6 Graphics support, Hires font & colour support for OS5 and OS4 Clies. VFS MemoryStick/SD card support. Quetzal save support. Clie UX50 and Tungsten T3 widescreen support, Tungsten Navigator support.


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