Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name CaSTaway

Description CaSTaway/Palm is a port of my CaSTaway/GP32 work, which is in turn a port of CastCE for Pocket PC, which is in turn a port of CaSTaway for SDL/Windows. Quite a lineage :)

Author/Homepage Skeezix



Download Here


First Time Installation
Create an AtariST directory within /PALM/Programs on your handheld. (Use Filez (freeware) or your launcher if its a 3rd party one such as ZLauncher, LauncherX, or others.)
/PALM/Programs/AtariST is the full path

Find yourself an Atari TOS ROM image file. TOS is the Atari ST basic operating system and is needed for anything to run. You may dump one from an Atari ST or find one somewhere. You may find one called TOS_102.IMG, or TOS102US.IMG, or ROM, or TOS.ROM or whatever, but make sure its installed as TOS.IMG (thats what CaSTaway/Palm looks for!). Just rename it to TOS.IMG before uploading to the handheld.

Install the castaway.prc into your handheld by double clicking on it. You can install it to expansion media if you like. (In older versions of the emulator, there were multiple versions of the application included in the distribution; this is nolonger necessary so there is only one.)

Install any disk images you want; they must end in .ST or .MSA and be no more than 8 characters in the main filename.

Note that in low RAM mode you can only use .ST disk images in drive A: of the emulated ST. For ideal RAM mode, you can use both .ST and .MSA disk images however you see fit.

.ZIP's of .MSA or .ST are not usable in early versions of the emulator, though may be fine in later versions.

You do not need any disk images in order to launch the emulator, though you do need a TOS.IMG file. If you launch the emulator without inserting any disks, the drives will not be available, but the ST will boot and show you its pretty little green desktop :) A blank disk image is included within the emulator distribution.

The ST Games Database is included within the castaway.prc application files.


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