Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name Beats of Rage for Zodiac

Description Beats of Rage is a "beat'em'up" game in the grain of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as being a fully modable engine for such games

Author/Homepage Skeezix


Download Here


Works on most recent devices. Feedback first day tells us that its known to work on at least PalmOne T|T3, Tapwave Zodiac, Sony Clie NX80, Sony Clie UX50, PalmOne T|E, PAlmOne Zire 71; should work on many others as well!

BoR is a very large application; it requires expansion media to hold your "pak" files (games), though the application itself can reside in Palm OS RAM, etc. The expansion card (SD, MemStick, whatever) will need a lot of space.. common PAK files are anywhere from 5MB to 60MB (not kidding!).

You will need a recent Palm OS 5 PDA with lots of runtime memory.. A Zodiac, T|T3, Sony Clie UX50 or other recent device will be fine. The more memory (runtime, specifically) the larger the PAKs you can deal with.

The included pak file has lower requirements; it is known to run on lower end units such as the T|E and Zire 71!

The gory details:

It depends on the PAK file used; the Megaman mod I've been testing with will run the first level with a minimum of 6MB of heap runtime RAM. Note that the Palm T|T1 (original) had only 700k of RAM for instance, despite having 15+MB for storage. The T|T3 on the other hand has 8MB of heap runtime RAM, so no problem.

For now its a bit basic, but the app is yet young. You'll need to have an expansion card (SD card, memory stick, compact flash, etc) to use the emu.

Install BoR.prc to your device (wherever you want it to be)
You could use hotsync tricks to move the PAK files around, but since most are very large, its just going to be unpleasant. Use an inexpensive USB card write to move files, or Card Export software, or MSExport on Sony's, etc..
But the BoR.pak file in /PALM/Programs/BoR on your expansion card and you're good to go!
See the README for details.

Note that the quick exit is only available while playing the game; if you're in the game menus, look for the "Reboot" option to exit.

On the Zodiac, shoulder buttons and Function-button (gray) act as Special; for other devices, tap the lower half of the screen with your finger to fire off the Special.


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