Console Tapwave Zodiac

Name Noiz2sa

Description Abstract Shootemup Game

Author/Homepage Vilmos


Download Here Updated 12th may 2005


There are a few quirks with it until I get it finished 100%

Noiz2sa for Zodiac

You can put the prc anywhere, but the directories MUST be in SD slot 2 and the directory is Palm/Programs/Noiz2sa

You will need all the directories in the zip in there, and the SD card must be in slot 2. There is also no music yet, and the icon should probably be changed. Oh and I haven't converted the hi-score load/save yet. :P

Have fun, I know I am. Beat stage 1 and 2 so far...oh you do NOT need DAA for this one, the speed right now is all software rendering. Not bad eh?


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